Integrated Products

In addition to the wide range of toolkits created by ARToolworks and the ARToolKit open source communities, ARToolKit has been incorporated into a growing range of other software development tools.  At present, these integrated products have focused on real time 3D authoring tools that make it easier for developers to create compelling applications without having to write low level code. We are actively extending the range of integrated products and will be announcing further developments in the coming months.

ARToolKit for Unity

ARToolKit for Unity is a set of plugins for the Unity game development environment that allows for the rapid creation of beautiful, full-featured, powerful AR applications, with one-click deployment to desktop and mobile platforms.

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Vizard ARToolKit

With the ARToolWorks add-on for Vizard, anyone can develop powerful applications very easily, and take advantage of all the existing functionality included with Vizard.

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ARToolKit for Quest 3D

Developed by DPI New Media, the AR channels for Quest 3D makes the functionality of ARToolkit available to Quest3D developers, so that instead of using C++, the visual programming of Quest3D can be used to create powerful AR applications as well.

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Conjurare is an application that allows non-programmers to produce AR model viewing applications. Tap the potential of the advanced OSG rendering libraries and build stand-alone AR applications.

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