In addition to the products that have been created using the open source version of ARToolKit, numerous commercial products and software tools have been developed using the professional versions of ARToolKit and its variants. A selection of these is shown below:


Developed at the HITLab at the University of Canterbury, BuildAR is a tool for building AR experiences without any need for programming.

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Hokkaido Nikko Telecommunications (Japan

A leading developer of innovative solutions for real time 2D/3D character generation for on-air broadcast, HNT has developed AR-NIXUS.M1, an AR system for combining virtual and real worlds in real time.

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Inglobe Technologies (Italy)

In addition to creating innovative applications, Inglobe Technologies has developed AR-Media, an advanced AR development platform which includes plug-ins for third party products including, 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and Nemetschek Scia Engineer and Vectorworks.

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Seac02 (Italy)

Seac has developed and sells LinceoVR, a content creation tool that combines AR tracking and MS Kinect technology. The product allows includes an intuitive drag & drop user interface, allowing rapid development with no programming.

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WorldViz (USA)

WorldViz is an industry leader in interactive virtual reality solutions, producing VIZARD, interactive 3D content creation software. The Company has developed a an AR plug-in for Vizard based on ARToolKit.

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