It is impossible to know just how many applications have been built with our software since we first made ARToolKit available in 2004.  However, with the best part of 1 million downloads of ARToolKit and its derived products such as NyARToolKit and FLARToolKit, we can guess that the number must be in the tens of thousands.  A small sample of the projects that we have supported are shown below:

To see further examples of applications built with our software, a selection of popular videos can be found here and a number of ARTooKit video playlists can be found here.


Founded in 2010 by Chinese publisher, Rex How, ChineseCUBES is an innovative Chinese language learning tool that has won multiple awards since its launch in 2011. The product is a great example of how traditional glyph-style markers still have a role to play in effective real-life applications. The application includes learning software, an online portal, videos, books and AR cubes. The company has already won multiple awards for excellence in design, entertainment and education.


Visit the ChineseCUBES website here 


TWNKLS - Otolift Measuring Tool

The Otolift measurement tool, developed by TWNKLS using ARToolKit and MarkerSLAM tracking, was awarded with an ‘Auggie’ for Best Enterprise AR project at the Augmented World Expo 2013.

Otolift is a Dutch company that produces stair lifts for elderly and disabled people that are sold worldwide through a dealer network. The measurement tool allows Otolift’s sales representatives to visit customers in their homes, measure the dimensions of the existing stairway and create a 3D reconstruction of the stair lift. Direct feedback about the quality of the measurement and a reduced error margin (1 ‰), results in a reliable and usable measurement that can be used without further adjustment in the stair lift production process. Thanks to this application, less time is needed to take the measurements, whilst the quality of the measurement increases. It now being an automated process, measurements errors no longer occur which results in higher efficiency and lower production errors.

Visit the TWNKLS website here


Smart Technologies 

Smart Technologies is a global leader in the provision of educational hardware.  It introduced the first interactive whiteboard some 25 years ago and has since manufactured and sold more than 2 million units. 

Working with ARToolworks and its proprietary source code, Smart launched its latest document camera with integrated AR software and interactive navigation device in early 2011. 

Visit the Smart Technologies' website here




Star Wars™: Where Science Meets Imagination


The first exhibition of its kind, more than 3 million visitors worldwide have experienced Star Wars®: Where Science Meets Imagination. Organized around two technology themes, "Getting Around" and "Robots and People," it combines costumes and props from all six Star Wars® films with augmented reality interactive exhibits.

ARToolworks started working with Boston Museum of Science in 2003 and the exhibit was launched in 2005. Since then the exhibit has been on a continual tour through North America and Australia – it arrived at its final location in San Jose in October 2013 and the tour ended in March 2014.



ARToolworks was engaged to conceptualize and develop a kiosk system that gave a more holistic user experience by adding interactive elements to the exhibit.

 Using multiple fiducial markers and projection screens, ARTW extended the capabilities of the core ARToolKit SDK in order to create the required development tools, in addition to creating the augmented content (3D models and animations)


Visit the Boston Museum of Science here




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