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Much of ARToolworks’ software is available for free download for non-commercial use under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or version 3.  Applications that are developed under GPL can be distributed freely provided that all of the source code is made freely available at the time of distribution.  If Application Developers do not make the source code freely available, they must purchase a commercial license. 


AndAR is a Java based software library that enables AR on the Android platform.

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FLARManager is a lightweight framework that makes it easier to build augmented reality applications for Flash. It is compatible with a variety of tracking libraries and 3D frameworks, and provides a more robust, event-based system for managing marker addition, update, and removal. It supports detection and management of multiple patterns, and multiple markers of a given pattern.

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FLARToolKit is the Flash Actionscript (v3) version of ARToolKit that can be used to quickly develop web-based AR experiences. It is the most widely used Flash-based AR library with the support of a large developer community and many websites with example applications.

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NyARToolKit is an optimized port of the ARToolkit v4.x SDK.  It supports major virtual machine platforms, including Java, Android, C#, ActionScript3 and C++ programming languages.

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SLARToolkit is a flexible AR library created to allow the development of real time AR applications with Silverlight as easy and fast as possible. It can be used with the Webcam API that was introduced in Silverlight 4 or with any other CaptureSource or WriteableBitmap.

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