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ARToolworks provides several toolkits that can be used to develop stand alone AR applications. These are self contained applications that are designed to be installed and run on computers rather than delivered through a web browser.

Typical stand alone applications include games, marketing software for conventions, medical simulation, educational books, etc. Stand alone applications tend to have more robust and faster tracking, and also better graphic quality than web-based or mobile AR applications.

 Software libraries for stand alone development include:

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ARToolKit for Desktop

ARToolKit for Desktop v5.x is the professional version of ARToolKit, the world’s most widely used tracking library for AR applications. ARToolKit for Desktop provides reliable, low cost, adaptable, scalable object tracking for augmented and virtual reality applications. It has been deployed in thousands of commercial and open-source projects, and enjoys a large and expert user community.

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osgART is a C/C++ library for AR rendering, interaction and application development. The osgART library integrates ARToolKit tracking with the powerful OpenSceneGraph advanced graphics libraries, so osgART is an ideal solution for rapid development of feature-rich AR applications.

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ARToolKit for Unity

ARToolKit for Unity is a set of plugins for the Unity game development environment that allows for the rapid creation of beautiful, full-featured, powerful AR applications, with one-click deployment to desktop and mobile platforms.

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Conjurare is an application that allows non-programmers to produce AR model viewing applications. Tap the potential of the advanced OSG rendering libraries and build stand-alone AR applications.

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