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[edit] About the support library

Welcome to the ARToolworks Support Library, the gateway to reference documentation, tutorials and guides, sample code and other useful resources relating to ARToolworks software products.

You must be registered with the system in order to access the Support Library. Access to support pages for commercial products also requires authorization by ARToolworks support staff.

This system uses the MediaWiki software, and you can contribute to the Support Library by providing feedback and suggestions on the "talk" tab associated with each page. Some sections of the manual also allow new contributions from users, via the "edit" tab at the top of each page.

[edit] Available product documentation

The Support Library is ordered by product: Please click on the product name below to access the main page for that product.


osgART Professional Edition: bringing ARToolKit tracking to the powerful OpenSceneGraph advanced graphics libraries, osgART Professional Edition is the modern solution for rapid development of feature-rich AR applications

ARToolKit Professional

ARToolKit Professional Edition: The core tracking component of any AR solution, ARToolKit Professional Edition implements video stream acquisition, fiducial marker tracking, and OpenGL rendering of AR content.


ARToolKit NFT: An advanced tracking component, ARToolKit NFT implements cutting-edge tracking of natural features of textured surfaces, allowing a whole new class of AR applications.

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