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ARToolworks is a pioneer in the field of camera-based augmented reality, first showing its core product - ARToolKit - at the Siggraph Exhibition in 1999. Incorporated in 2002, the company released ARToolKit under an open source GPL License in 2004 and has operated a dual licensing policy ever since.

Today, ARToolworks' product line spans 5 operating systems.multiple CPU architectures, 6 languages and a myriad of APIs. In addition, the company handles the commercial licensing to a host of open source variants.

ARToolworks works closely with its customers and, where necessary, will provide access to source code to enable innovative application development.

We're building an interactive Magic Book™ of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions, with original drawings, animated AR models and detailed historical context. Come and try the demo applications, and then back the project and help make it a reality…

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