osgART is a C/C++ library for AR rendering, interaction and application development. The osgART library integrates ARToolKit tracking with the powerful OpenSceneGraph advanced graphics libraries, so osgART is an ideal solution for rapid development of feature-rich AR applications.

osgART allows developers to gain the benefits of all the features of OpenSceneGraph (high quality renderer, multiple file type loaders, community node kits e.g. spatialised audio) directly in their augmented, mixed or mediated reality applications.  Advanced visualisation techniques are supported, including photo-realistic rendering effects such as shadows, environment maps and reflections, occlusion, refraction, as well as non-photo realistic rendering, e.g. toon shading. OsgART also integrates multiple tracker technologies, both marker-based or natural feature tracking.

Using osgART AR application development can take place in a variety of coding environments, including the core C++ library, and also the Python, Lua, and Ruby scripting environments, and others.

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