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What is Conjurare and what can I do with it?

CONJURARE is an application which enables rapid configuration and presentation of 3D content and 2D content in an augmented reality (AR) environment. To create the AR environment, Conjurare uses ARToolKit Professional, acquiring live video from a webcam or other camera, and tracking markers in front of the camera. The markers are squares with black and white borders. The number and size of the markers, and the picture or barcode on the marker can all be varied. Conjurare includes the command line tools from ARToolKit to create pattern files for new picture-based markers you create, and to calibrate the system to your camera’s lens parameters.

Conjurare uses the OpenSceneGraph libraries and plugins to load and render your 3D objects. Thus, any content that can be viewed in OpenSceneGraph’s osgviewer application (included with the Conjurare application) can be displayed by Conjurare. Loadable models include the native .osg and .ive formats (exported from your modelling program, e.g. 3D Studio Max, or Maya), as well as .3ds, COLLLADA .dae, Wavefront .obj, and many many more. Conjurare also allows 2D video and static images to be loaded into the AR environment (via the Apple QuickTime libraries) and be manipulated just like other 3D content.

Conjurare includes some simple presentation controls, which allow content to be presented in “scenes”, which can be dynamically swapped in and out. Animated content (e.g. animations exported from 3D Studio Max using the osgexp Max plugin) can be paused and restarted, either live or at preset “cue” points. Finally, Conjurare allows captions and 2D overlays (including transparent overlays) to be associated with your content, and shown when your content is in view in the AR environment.

What can’t Conjurare do?

  • Conjurare is not a 3D modelling application. It can’t create new 3D models or animations. You create 3D (or 2D) content using other tools, e.g. 3D Studio Max.
  • Conjurare does not currently support interaction within the AR environment. While content can be shown, moved or hidden by moving the marker with which the content is associated, the content can’t be modified in real-time within Conjurare. For now, interactive AR applications should be programmed in C and C++ languages using ARToolworks’ ARToolKit Professional and osgART Professional Edition tools.
  • Conjurare can’t load any content which isn’t loadable by OpenSceneGraph or QuickTime. E.g skeletally-animated characters are not at present supported in OSG, and therefore not supported in Conjurare.
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