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Packaing refers to the process of taking the built binaries of your application, finding and collecting any prerequisites for your application to run, collecting all data files used by your application, and archiving them together in a format suitable for distribution to end users.

On some operating systems, it is also advantageous to create an installer package which the user can run to unpack the archive and set up your application ready for use on their system.


Mac OS X

Building your osgART-based application to run on a machine without OpenSceneGraph installed

If you want to build a drag-installable application (i.e. one that can be relocated and run from anywhere) you will need to copy the OSG frameworks and plugins into your application bundle.

To do this, in Xcode select the target for your application. Choose "new build phase->new copy files build phase", and for target choose "Frameworks". Then, into this build item in the target drag the OSG frameworks. Similarly, for plugins: choose "new build phase->new copy files build phase", and for target choose "PlugIns". Into this folder, add the OSG plugins.


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