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Running Conjurare with the sample content

Conjurare comes preconfigured with a small number of sample markers and associated content. This content serves as a placeholder for your own content. To view the sample content, you first need to print out the four sample marker patterns. These are best printed on a low-glass high-contrast printer, e.g. a laser printer on plain paper. When printed, the sample patterns will look similar to this:

Next make sure your webcam is connected.

Next, launch Conjurare. Conjurare is launched by opening the main folder and clicking on the file named “Conjurare (Windows).cmd” file (if you’re running Microsoft Windows) or “Conjurare (Mac).command” file (if you’re running Mac OS X). Conjurare comes pre-configured with just one command file for each operating system, which launches the application in a default state. Later on, when you configure Conjurare for your application, you can add other command files for your preferred program configuration.

If this seems unusual, remember that Conjurare is not a GUI application, that is, it does not use the windows, menu bars and dialog buttons you might use in other presentation applications like Microsoft Powerpoint. Instead, Conjurare runs as a command-line application, that is, an application which is launched from a low-level command prompt in your operating system, and which sends information about activity and errors into the same command window.

Upon launch, Conjurare will show a dialog box allowing you to configure your webcam.

If you have more than one webcam connected, see Conjurare command line parameters for information on how to tell Conjurare which webcam to use.

Using the controls in the dialog, you might wish to manually adjust the image so that you get a nice bright image with good contrast between light and dark parts of the image.

Click OK. At this point, you should see some information scroll past in the console about model loading , and the main Conjurare window will open. Point the camera at the printed markers, and you will see the sample content.

If the main window doesn’t load, or Conjurare exits, see Troubleshooting Conjurare launch problems for what to do next.

Controlling the application

While Conjurare is running, there are a number of keyboard controls which perform various actions in the application. See the page List of Conjurare keyboard controls for the full listing.

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