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Required skill-sets

osgART is a cross-platform library that simplifies the development of augmented reality applications by merging computer vision based tracking with OSG rendering. osgART's plugin-based structure supports video input from many different video sources, spatial registration from tracking libraries, such as ARToolKit, and for a variety of photometric registration techniques.

Developing an application with osgART requires two parallel skill sets:

  • Firstly, skills with a tracking library and the tools for dealing with the real-world part of augmented reality. osgART is designed to work with ARToolKit (the Augmented Reality ToolKit) which provides low-level libraries for acquisition of images of the real world from video sources, marker based tracking, services for rending using OpenGL, and a variety of utilities for related tasks.
  • Secondly, skills in programming using OpenSceneGraph itself. osgART adapts ARToolKits services to a scenegraph-based approach to graphics programming, rather than the procedural approach which is more typical of traditional ARToolKit applications and low-level OpenGL programming. OSG has a C++ interface. If you have skills in the C language, these can still be used with OSG in a limited way, but learning C++ is the key to unlocking the full power of the scene-graph approach.

Required software

Required version numbers of prerequisites for building different versions of osgART.
1.1.3 1.1.2 1.1 1.0
Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 .NET 2003, 2005, 2008 .NET 2003, 2005 .NET 2003, 2005
Mac OS X: Xcode v3.1 or later with 10.5 SDK v3.1 or later with 10.5 SDK v2.4 or later with 10.4 SDK v2.4 or later with 10.4 SDK
Linux: g++ toolchain g++ v4.0.1 or later g++ v4.0.1 or later g++ v4.0.1 or later g++ v4.0.1 or later
OpenSceneGraph v2.8 or later (2.8.2 recommended). v2.6 (2.6.1 recommended). v2.2-2.4 v1.2
ARToolKit Professional v4.4.2 or later v4.4-4.4.1 v4.3.3-4.4.1. (not supported)
ARToolKit NFT v3.48.0 or later v3.24.3 v3.24.2. (not supported)
ARToolKit v2.80 or later v2.72.1 v2.72.1 v2.72.1

Required hardware

  • All versions of osgART require a web camera or other video source. You can check which cameras work well with osgART.
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