ARToolKit for Desktop v4.6.0 - Major New Release

ARToolworks is pleased to announce the the biggest new release of ARToolKit for Desktop since January 2011. Version 4.6.0 includes a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes for the full spectrum of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms, in both 32- and 64-bit variants.  Eligible customers can upgrade from existing versions of ARToolKit Pro for just $995, compared with the usual recommended price of $1,995.

New Features

  • Improvements in command-line handling and information display for the checkid utility 
  • Simplified methods for opening movie files as video streams (via the QuickTime video module on Mac OS X or Windows)
  • Pixel format information is now handled more consistently throughout the SDK
  • The calib_camera, calib_stereo and check_id applications have been improved and enhanced with better handling of command-line options. 
  • The winDF video module for interfacing with the Point Grey FlyCapture SDK (Windows-only) has been enhanced with some runtime configurable options.
  • The OSG-based projects now build for 32- and 64-bit on Mac OS X, provided OSG v3.1.3 or later is used.
  • A full OSG release is now bundled with ARToolKit for Windows.
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