Codex Interactivus: Bringing Leonardo to Life!

ARToolworks is pleased to announce that it has launched a crowd funding project on Kickstarter. The project – Codex Interactivus: Bringing Leonardo to Life! – will be a book of Leonardo Da Vinci’s inventions that have been brought to life using augmented reality software. Featuring Da Vinci’s designs alongside detailed historical context, the book is aimed at readers of any age who are fascinated by the man and his work.

The project can be seen here:

ARToolworks is looking to raise $12,000 to allow it to complete existing 3D models and animations, to create new augmentations and to prepare the book for publication. The project campaign starts on May 12 and will run for 30 days.

Commenting on the project, Ben Vaughan, said:

“We have been working on this project on and off for a couple of years. Having received great reactions to the initial demonstrations over the last 18 months, we have decided to go ahead with the project to raise the money required to get the book into publication.

“Kickstarter has proven to be a wonderful innovation in funding creative projects and going the crowd funding route was the ideal choice for us – hopefully, Kickstarter’s backers will agree with us!”

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