New Online Database of Android Camera Calibration Parameters

30 May 2014 – ARToolworks is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a great new feature for ARToolKit for Android; an online database of calibrated camera parameters. This feature will allow developers to deploy to users with any of the 5000+ different Android devices supported by ARToolKit for Android while benefitting from a shared pool of calibrated parameters for devices. For users, this means improved tracking accuracy and robustness.

The Camera Calibration client has been integrated into the Core SDKs under ARToolKit for Android release version 5.1. The utility is available as a free standalone app from the Google Play Store at:

Commenting on the release, Phillip Lamb, ARToolworks’ CTO, said: “Developers and other trained users can perform the calibration procedure on their Android devices and the results will immediately become available to users of those devices. With a significant number of devices already calibrated, and with a large and active community of ARToolKit for Android developers, we expect that calibration information will rapidly accumulate.”

Implementation of the new feature is simple and non-intrusive. Developers building apps in Java need only link against the new version and update their manifest. Developers building apps with native code will need to additionally make a couple of code changes in their native code; full examples are provided with the SDK.

Users of the system shouldn't notice any changes to their apps; other than improved tracking if their device is in the database. The system runs only when a network connection is available, and caches fetched results for reuse. If no data is available for their device, the default camera parameters are used, equivalent to the performance in previous versions.

ARToolworks will operate the calibration data servers at no additional cost to developers. ARToolKit for Android version 5.1 is available to all developers with current licenses via ARToolworks’ customer portal.


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