ARToolKit for Android

ARToolKit for Android brings the power and simplicity of ARToolKit Professional to the world's most widely-deployed mobile platform, empowering developers to deliver revolutionary mobile AR applications.

ARToolKit for Android includes example source code for complete Android applications, with classes that can be reused in the developer's own applications, enabling rapid deployment of new projects.

Features include:

  • Works with Android Smartphones and Tablets running Android 2.2 or later.
  • Tracking at full camera frame rate.
  • Features reusable Java classes built to the Android model-view-controller design pattern, plus complete high-performance NDK-based native applications.
  • Fully Featured renderer using OpenSceneGraph 3.x.
  • Adjustable camera image size and switching to front camera (where supported).
  • Automatic thresholding and adjustable filtering.
  • Full natural feature tracking (image tracking) support with support for multiple texture targets.
  • Includes full suite of developer utilities including calibration and texture training tools  –  no need to submit your textures to a slow web-based service, you can generate new texture targets on your own development machine.
  • Includes full source for all examples and for most of the libraries, giving unmatched flexibility and control to you, the developer.
  • PLUS all the other great features of the world's most widely used and trusted optical tracking library for AR.
Other new features and improvements include:
* New and updated example applications and classes conforming to Apple's UIKit model, allowing addition of AR views to an existing application in minutes.
* Full native support for iPad 2.
* Adjustable camera image size, and switching to front camera (on supported devices), plus highly accurate pre-calibrated lens data for all models.
* Automatic thresholding.
* Improved marker handling, including variable marker border width and error-corrected barcode marker identification.
* Adjustable filtering allowing tracking to vary continuously between snappy and smooth.


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